Publication of 3 articles on performativity

The word « performative » was created in 1955 by philosopher John Austin. It is derived from the verb “to perform” and preserves its double meaning of “doing” and “acting”. A consumer performs a brand when he makes it exists through his actions. He lives with brands, appropriates them, adopts attitudes suggested by brands, the social model and culture suggested by brands. 

 été forgé en 1955 par le philosophe John Austin à partir du verbe « to perform », qui a le double sens de jouer et d’accomplir. Un consommateur performe une marque parce qu’il la fait exister à travers ses actes. Il la vit, se l’approprie, adopte des attitudes, se conforme au modèle social et à la culture de la marque. See a brroader definition on Wikipedia

We have published 3 articles on this fundamental concept in the marketing magazine Influencia (articles are in French) : 

- Studying and mesuring performativity rather than engagement 

How to encourage brand performativity ? 

Performing the brand inside the company